Design Graphics

Get right to the "Art" of it!

High quality design graphics make scrapbooking and digital art so much easier and less time consuming.  Without having to extract your own graphics, you can jump right into the designing and art and enjoy your time creating.  

The majority of my collections are fully extracted, to save you the time consuming work of doing extractions yourself.  Most of my "scenes" collections will be "distressed" or "grunged" images, suitable for use as backgrounds or combining with other backgrounds to achieve depth and interest in artwork.  

Below you will find some examples of how graphics from my collections can be used.  For some, they are the main image, for others, embellishments and others for background ehancements.  

These graphics are perfect for digital scrapbooking, digital artists, and web designers.  Need something you don't see in my collections?  No worries, just contact me using the "Contact Linda" form here, or through my Etsy store, "Linda Lee Hall", and let me know what you need.  Chances are I either have it and it is not ready to be listed, or I can create it for you.

How to use design graphics in images.

Here are some examples of using some of the graphics from my collections in digital art. 

The design elements in my collections can be used in any way you can imagine!  They can be used as embellishments, as background elements or as the main subject of an image.  Not only useful for digital art and digital scrapbooking, these elements can also be used in enhancing print projects for flyers or marketing materials, as well as enhancing web sites.

Gorgeous image using one of my "hot air balloon" graphics.  Artist Leslie Lamb Schrader- Fagnan from ArtBeat Images has graciously allowed me to use one of her pieces to illustrate the use of an element from one of my hot air balloon collections.

One of my own pieces of art, all of the flowers and butterflies in this image are from my collections.

Another of my own pieces of artwork using elements from my collections.  Flowers in their hair and branches around them are all from my own collections.

A selfie of me, edited using images from my New Orleans scenes collection.

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