About Linda Hall
(aka Linda Lee Hall)

Currently living in Austin, Texas, I enjoy that this is such an "artistic" location.  (Even digital art!) They absolutely thrive on all kinds of art here.  Music, Dance, and yes, "regular" old art, haha.  There is plenty to see in this area and I spend a great deal of time at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and you will see elements from many of the photos I capture there reflected in my digital art.  If you are visiting Austin, especially in April or May, I HIGHLY recommend visiting there.

Ahhhh...digital art.  Digital art is becoming more and more "accepted" as art.  And why wouldn't it be?  Creating a piece of artwork is not at all dependent upon a particular media.  It would be like saying painting can't be real art because you had to use brushes or paints.  I DO use brushes and paints, just digital.  I invite you to explore digital art, it will amaze you.

I was drawn to cameras at a young age, but my parents were unable to sustain that interest due to the fact that I was apparently prolific and they could not keep up with the cost of the film and developing.  As a result, my Mom, (who was a painter until children sidelined her), directed me towards art classes, since it was also something I gravitated to naturally.

From art back to cameras, then to digital cameras and Photoshop naturally followed.  Once Photoshop came into my life, I knew that was where I belonged.  I used to say "Eat, breathe, sleep, Photoshop".  Its still kind of that way.  Bless my dear husband's heart for putting up with it.

I love my art, whether anyone else does, or not, is completely irrelevant, finally.  Its a joy to create.  Everything else can wait, the art must be created!